Newsletter - November 2011

PrintSolv Announces Release of FMAudit Version 3.3
Mascot, NSW - November 2011

PrintSolv is proud to announce the release of Version 3.3 of the industry-leading MPS and business automation software platform, FMAudit. The release includes significant updates, feature enhancements and process improvements for FMAudit Central and includes Version 2.6.9 for Onsite, Viewer and WebAudit.

Enhancements included in Version 3.3 Central cover database consolidation and optimisation to build on the proactive utilisation of the wealth of device data collected by FMAudit for detailed account management and performance tracking. In addition, new optimisation features are also included for supply coverage calculations, reporting flexibility and supply parts management.

The award-winning FMAudit Onsite device data collection engine Version 2.6.9 update provides over 120 added features and process improvements. Updates include the latest industry enhancements for security improvements, device data collection for tiered meters, color and mono splits, and expanded consumable usage data.

“Our engineering team has been hard at work on these new releases. We are passionate about our commitment to provide tremendous value and operational efficiencies for our customers to compete profitably and add value for their clients. We also have a lot of

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Need a Custom Brochure?
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FMAudit Onsite Appliance
Unique to FMAudit
A virtual plug-n-play hardware device with a footprint of only a few inches in diameter. A single appliance can manage thousands of devices, regardless of the model. It's fully compatible with FMAudit's Central. The Onsite Appliance is a revolutionary break-through. Works ...
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