Requirements for capture and workflow solutions differ widely within organisations. Whether simply converting paper documents to electronic files or extending and automating business processes to reach any device and application, the end goal is to ensure that information is available to the right people at the right time.

Our Capture solutions (from Nuance) can give organisations the ability to:

  • Reduce the risk of information loss by ensuring scanned documents reach their intended destination;
  • Ensure secure information flows across multiple device platforms and business applications; and
  • Secure information throughout its chain of custody with checks and balances along the way.

eCopy ShareScan is a modular platform architecture that works with MFPs providing flexibility to build the right solution for document capture and workflow. Customers may select components a la carte or choose from an array of packaged solutions—all of which can be mixed and managed as one system.

eCopy ShareScan accelerates paper and electronic document capture workflows while catalysing compliance through records management protocols and policies. eCopy improves on critical business collaboration processes and connects with virtually any document management system. It offers advanced business processing capabilities including barcode processing, forms processing, and bates stamping.

eCopy PDF Pro Office 6 is the smart PDF companion to MFP scanning, enabling easy, yet powerful, PDF creation, viewing, editing, and conversion at a price that makes it affordable to put PDF software on every desktop.

Including eCopy PDF Pro Office to your deals helps you:

  • Add value to your MFP sale by providing powerful PDF capabilities that improve the paper-to-digital workflows initiated at the MFP.
  • Replace Adobe Acrobat installations by offering a more affordable PDF software alternative—including features that Adobe cannot match.

Expand your revenue opportunity with a PDF product designed specifically for desktop users AND MFP scanning integration.

AutoStore is a server-based application which orchestrates the capture and secure delivery of paper and electronic documents into business applications.

AutoStore works with all major MFP manufacturers to capture data from virtually any source including MFPs, mobile devices, emails, fax servers, SML data streams, and more. It uses OCR, barcode, image management, document services, and document conversion technology to process images, data, and forms into a variety of formats. It then routes the data and/or documents through customisable workflows to a business application. With more than 150 integrations, AutoStore has the capability to expertly manage any organisation’s information workload.

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We’ve been using FMAudit for 5 years now and PrintSolv is considered an integral partner to our business. I’ve witnessed the FMAudit product evolve considerably over these five years and I look forward to seeing that evolution continue over the next five.
We highly recommend PrintSolv and FMAudit.
Robert Page, Director, Queensland Business Machines

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